Savour!’s Chinese New Year 2021 Sales Campaign (18 Jan-15 Feb 21)

It’s a month to Chinese New Year!

Looking out for good deals & products with a good cause?

Savour this festive occasion to do good at a good cost for a good cause while making your loved ones’ day by purchasing one of our exclusively curated CNY promotions with a wide assortment of perfectly good treats, reusable bags and hand sewn cushions at special prices of up to 40% off.

You can enjoy the best of both worlds as these products are not only value-for-money but also have a meaningful social and environmental cause behind the making of these products.

Firstly, we have our products from Wildness Asia! Wildness Chocolate is a high quality organic chocolate brand, made locally with the help from people with special needs. Moreover, do you know that their packaging is both compostable and biodegradable? With your purchase, you can make a difference to the lives of our friends with special needs and the environment with Wildness Asia!

Next up! We also have 20% discounted products from all products form Java Eco Project! Their company’s motto is to upcycle and uplift! At Java Eco Project, we transform trash into treasures. Every single product is expertly crafted by our makers from trash picking communities in Java.

Last but not least, we have products like tote bags, ceramic magnets, and cushions from Touch Community services that are handmade with love by their beneficiaries.

Bring home a piece of Singapore with this line of Vanda Miss Joaquim-themed merchandise, consisting of a wristlet, tote bag and pouch to choose from. Special artist Wong Jun Quan’s intricate skill in stencilling ensures prints can be systematically replicated on each piece of art, making this a meaningful and memorable gift.

Add a splash of colour to your sofa set with this ‘COLOURS OF LIFE’ cushion cover. This unique cover design is the collective work of 12 special needs artists and exemplifies the myriad of skills, experiences and creativity of the artists. By special artists Annie Teo, Brandon Prakash, Chua Ai Lan, Eric Lee, Felicia Rusli, Ivan Tay, Jocelyn Kong, Lim Huey Ting, Ng Jie Qi, Regina Shen, Tay Mei Yee and Yufira.

Comprising four Chinese characters — 坚 (strong), 家 (family), 爱 (love) and 好 (good), this set of 4-piece family magnets shows what our artists value in their lives. The magnets are a daily reminder to be strong and resilient, to care for family, to love the people around you, and to always be the good you want to see in the world. The production of the magnets is by special artists Chen Zhiyu and Tan Hui Min. From hand-cutting the shape on clay to stamping the Chinese characters with the right control of strength, from the selection of colours to glazing of works, each step and each piece is carefully crafted.

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